Dynamic International has represented Kuraki in a mult-state region since 1986. Kuraki Co., Ltd. is a highly respected Japanese builder of CNC Horizontal Boring Mills, CNC Horizontal Machining Centers, and Vertical Machining Centers and has become one of the largest CNC Horizontal Boring Mill manufacturers in Japan.

Dynamic looks forward to the opportunity to introduce you to the quality and reliability that is built into every Kuraki machine tool.

KBT Series
Model X-Travels Y-Travels Z-Travels
KBT-11Z 98.42" 70.86" 47.24"
KBT-11EZ 98.42" 70.86" 47.24"
KBT-13EA 118.11" 90.55" 51.18"
KBT-15BA 118.11" 90.55" 62.99"
KBM Series
Model X-Travels Y-Travels Z-Travels
KBM-11X 59.05" 47.24" 27.56"
KBH Series
Model X-Travels Y-Travels Z-Travels
KBH-12 59.06" 47.24" 35.43"
KBH-16 78.74" 59.06" 43.30"
KBH-18 118.11" 78.74" 51.18"
KBH-22 118.11" 90.55" 62.99"

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